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zrokNET Pricing

Make any web application, device, or service securely available on the internet in seconds.

Peer To Peer Sharing

zrokNET provides private or public, instant, secure application tunneling from anywhere secured effortlessly with a zero trust Internet-overlay network.

Reverse Proxy

zrokNET includes zrok frontdoor, a zero trust reverse proxy that allows a web application to be exposed securely without opening inbound ports.

Self-Hosted or Hosted by NetFoundry

Available as SaaS running on zrok.io, a NetFoundry zero trust Internet-overlay network. Or, run zrok on your server.

Share Apps, Files, Drives & Web Content

Allows sharing of many types of resources rather than just proxying http endpoints including files, drives and web content.



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zrok is built on top of OpenZiti, a free open source project focused on zero trust secure networking. 

Create Secure Tunnels

zrok establishes secure connections from your local environment to a public endpoint, allowing others to access your local service through a public URL. This can be a web application, a development server, or other locally running services.

Bypass Network Restrictions

Since zrok uses secure tunneling, it can work around firewall or network configuration issues, providing a simple way to share local resources without needing direct changes to network infrastructure.

Secure and Encrypted End-to-End

zrok ensures that the data transmitted through its tunnels is encrypted, adding a layer of security and protecting against eavesdropping or data leakage.

Easy to Set up and Use

zrok is designed to be straightforward to set up, allowing developers to share their local services with minimal effort, making it ideal for testing, debugging, or collaborative development.

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