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An open source sharing solution built on OpenZiti, the zero trust networking platform. Available as SaaS or self-hosted.
Its as easy as…

zrok invite

zrok enable

zrok share

How it works

zrok provides Private or Public, instant, secure tunneling of applications from anywhere. Secured effortlessly by using a zero trust overlay network provided by OpenZiti.

Private Sharing

Beyond HTTP Proxies

Privately share resources with other zrok users; in private usage scenarios, your private resources are not exposed to any public endpoints, and all communication is securely and privately transported between zrok clients.


Files; Repositories; Video… Decentralized

zrok allows sharing other types of resources; rather than just proxying http endpoints, zrok allows users to easily and rapidly share files and web content.

zrok is also ready to be extended to easily support many kinds of decentralized resource sharing; zrok provides a framework that makes this kind of peer-to-peer resource sharing simple and secure.

Public or Self-Hosted

Choose your own adventure

zrok is designed to scale up to support extremely large service instances. is a public service instance operated by NetFoundry using the same code base that is available to self-hosted environments.

zrok is also designed to scale down to support extremely small deployments. Run an OpenZiti network with zrok layered on top of it on a Raspberry Pi!

The single zrok binary contains everything you need to operate zrok environments and also host your own service instances. Just add a Ziti network and you’re up and running.

OpenZiti Baked In

zrok is built on top of OpenZiti, a free open source project focused on bringing zero trust to any application.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3

Enable instant secure ingress to your apps

You can be up and sharing with the zrok in minutes with these simple steps.

Download the binary for your platform. zrok invite to create an account with the service.


zrok enable to enable your shell environment for sharing with the service.


zrok share to share resources immediately, simply and securely.

Frictionless Setup.
Free to use. Open Source.

Get sharing in minutes.

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